Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Gloss Shampoo Bar

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Voted #1 Beard Shampoo in the USA and Amazon’s Choice with 4.7 stars of over 500 peer reviews!

A chunky 100% natural shampoo bar rich in conditioning olive & castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax and honey, gently but thoroughly cleanse your hirsute pride and joy leaving it healthy fluffy and shiny!… antiseptic essential oils such as Tasmania’s kunzea and Lavender to keep skin healthy too!

A gentleman’s beard or moustache must be tended to and well groomed at all times…These simple yet luxurious grooming aids will attain a healthy, moisturized, and wonderful feeling beard!

Always 100% Natural Chemical Free & Handmade from pristine ingredients from the Tasmanian Rainforest- selected to fortify your beautiful beard and maintain healthy soft hair and importantly- skin (relieves beard itch!).

Application: simply wet beard, work bar through, and using fingers to create a rich later work through hair thoroughly. Rinse well and repeat if desired.

Finish with Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Care Gloss once beard is dry.